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What are the benefits of myotherapy?

Benefits Include:

Myotherapy, is a complementary and holistic treatment which focuses on your pets physical needs and well being.


Many chronic muscle and orthopaedic conditions can cause your dog to develop compensatory mechanisms, this can lead to muscular discomfort, reduced range of movement and poor circulation- this can have an detrimental effect on their movement and daily activities. 


  • Increase your pets circulation - this helps to bring nutrients to their muscles, helping the healing process.

  • Remove fluid and toxin build up in the soft tissues, aiding healing and reducing inflammation.

  • Reduce muscular restrictions, which can cause reduced mobility and discomfort.

  • Improve range of movement in their joints helping your pet to move better and reduce signs of stiffness.

  • Increased temperature in muscles helps to improve circulation and reduce discomfort.


  • Massage stimulates the release of endorphins which can be relaxing, reducing tension naturally.

  • Touch can stimulate nerve endings helping to strengthen neural pathways to the brain and body. 

  • Improve skin and coat health.

  • Be a enjoyable, relaxing experience for you and your pet!

MYO ~ meaning relating to muscle

THERAPY ~ meaning treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder

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