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Senior Pets

Many older dogs suffer with arthritis and poor mobility Myotherapy can help with these changes.

Long-term Conditions

Many dog are diagnosed with conditions such as hip & elbow dysplasia at a young age, complementary treatment throughout their life can help manage their symptoms.

Post-surgical cases

Following surgery pets can loose muscle tone and movement in their joints, they can also have muscle tension in areas of compensation which will benefit from Myotherapy treatment.

Healthy Pets

Sporting, working & show dogs can benefit from Myotherapy to keep them in top condition. It is also a relaxing and enjoyable experience for any dog!


A whole dog approach....

Along with a myotherapy massage treatment, I can advise on changes you can make to your home to help your pets needs and other simple exercises you can do between treatments to improve your pets mobility and movement. 

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Initial Myotherapy Consultation

       At your pets 1st session I will complete an assessment and           treatment- this will include:

  • Consultation with you about your pets symptoms, habits, home environment and exercise routine.

  • Muscle balance assessment (locating areas of tension, heat, inflammation)

  • Gait assessment.

  • Myotherapy session.

  • Functional exercises to do at home.

  • Advice on changes that could be made to your pets lifestyle to improve their well being and comfort levels.

  • Your 1st session will take around 1-1.5 hours.

Consultation and Treatment Cost: £50*

*There will be a mileage charge of 45p/per mile after 10miles


Follow up & maintenance sessions

    Following your initial assessment I would recommend seeing          your dog for 3 more sessions 7-10days apart.

    These sessions will include:

  • Full Myotherapy treatment.

  • Time to speak about any changes or updates.

  • I can also advise on functional exercises that you can do at home in between these initial sessions to help your pet.

  • These sessions will usually be around 1 hour long.






Follow Up & Maintenance Cost: £42*

*There will be a mileage charge of 45p/per mile after 10miles

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