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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my dog suitable for myotherapy treatment?


  Yes! Massage helps all kind of dogs....

  Senior pets with arthritis or age related issues.

  Pets that have recently had surgery or have long term orthopaedic              conditions.

  Young dogs diagnosed with hip & elbow dysplasia.

  Sporting or working dogs can also benefit from massage to keep them

  in top condition. 

Will my insurance company pay

for my pets myotherapy sessions?

Many insurance companies now cover massage - but check your policy.

Massage often comes under 'Complementary therapy' which can have a separate budget from your vet bills.

I am registered with the international association of animal therapists (IAAT) who are recognised by many insurers.

I also always treat under your vets consent.

Do I need to contact my vet if I want me pet to have a myotherapy treatment?

I will contact your vet to request a consent form, this is also available to download from the 'Contact' Session on my website. 

All pets must be registered with a vet (even if attending massage for fitness/ conditioning)

What conditions could benefit

from canine myotherapy?


Hip & Elbow dysplasia 

Cruciate Ligament Injuries (Surgery and Conservative management.)

Muscle loss & weakness.

Spinal injuries 

Soft tissue injuries.

Performance & conditioning.

What happens during my appointment?


At your initial assessment we will talk though a few questions to gain a full picture of your dog.


Gait assessment - I may sometimes ask you to walk your dog in front of me to assess any imbalances. 

Hands on assessment - If your dog is comfortable I will do a assessment of their muscular health and joint range of movement. 

Myotherapy Session - At each session I will complete a hands on massage treatment - taking into account your dogs response. 

We can also discuss changes you could make to exercise and at home to help your dog.

How many sessions will my dog need? And how long does each session take?

I recommend an initial block of 3 sessions, around 7-10 days apart. 

The 1st session usually takes 1-1.30hours and following sessions around 1hour

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