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Photizo Vetcare is a non-invasive tool that I utilise within many of my treatments.

It uses wavelengths within the red and infrared light spectrum to treat many different muscle, bone and skin conditions.  

Photizo Vetcare uses (visible) red light wavelengths that work well with treating issues close to the skins surface such as wounds and skin conditions. It also utilises infrared light that is beneficial to deep tissue and can be used for joint, muscle and tendon issues.

The easy to use hand held Photizo Vetcare contains light emitting diodes (LEDs) which help promote the bodies natural responses to healing and pain relief without causing damage to the soft tissues.

Vetcare 14.png

Uses infrared and red light to target different levels in the body- stimulating red blood cells. 

 Helps to increase blood flow to the soft tissues and promote lymphatic drainage in the body.

Reduces inflammation in the skin, muscles and joints, along with decreasing swelling. 

 Stimulates the bodies natural healing mechanisms and reduces pain signals.

Vetcare 4.jpg
Vetcare 14.png

*Massage treatments and use of Photizo Vetcare will only be conducted under veterinary referral. When contraindications are present the session will not include Photizo Vetcare. 

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